Live prices

Live price feeds are the life line of any trader. Your transactions get executed at the live price and hence quick access to live prices means that you know where exactly your trade will stand in the market.

Live prices on stocks…

Live prices on stocks help you to get the real time prices of any stock, irrespective of whether it is part of the index or not. Remember, price alone is not sufficient; you also need to check the volumes and the possible depth of the stock at every tick. That is what will enable you to take an informed decision on what price to trade at. The added advantage in CashCow is that most of these live prices are amenable to swipe-and-trade. That means you just select the price from the live feeds screen itself and with one-step navigation you can move to the actual execution (buy/sell) on that particular stock.

Live prices on futures and options…

While stocks are the key to long term investments and equity trades, for the aggressive traders, it is the futures and options live feeds that are more critical. The futures prices normally quotes at a premium to the spot price and the advantage of the futures live feed is that you can also juxtapose it with the cash market live feed. That enables you to easily identify arbitrage opportunities between the spot market and the futures which you can capitalize on to earn risk-less returns.
CashCow also offers live prices on calls and put options. Options are a right without obligation and therefore they are low cost products for even the smallest of investors to trade in. One can also use options live feeds to hedge your risk in the equity market. In fact, by juxtaposing the equity live feeds and the options live feeds, one can identify opportunities to create more sophisticated strategies like protective puts and covered calls.

Live prices on commodities and currencies…

Cash cows also provide live prices on key commodities and key currency pairs. For example commodities like gold and crude oil are extensively traded. But, live feeds of these commodities havea different logic! You can actually juxtapose the live feeds of equity stocks and commodities and use commodity live feeds as a lead indicator of equity prices. For example, the live price of crude oil can be a lead indicator for ONGC or the live price of copper can be a lead indicator for Vedanta etc. These are all analytical options that CashCow offers.
Then there is the added advantage that you have of live currency pairs. The most frequently traded currency pair is the $/INR pair. These currency pairs also have larger implications for select equity stocks as there are many sectors that are impacted by currency fluctuations. For example, IT and pharma have preference for a stronger dollar whereas importers and foreign currency borrowers have preference for a weaker dollar. All these can be built into your live price screen.
CashCow is available for free download on Google Play and the entire software has been kept very light and simple so as to facilitate easy download and also easy navigating even for first time users.