Expert advice

One of the outstanding features of CashCow is the Free Expert advice that is available as part of the trading package. The stock market and the F&O market are very complex places since a plethora of factors impact prices. To be a successful trader you need to understand how these factors interact and also how they will eventually impact the prices of the share. Why is expert advice such a critical part of CashCow?

Expert advice is the big advantage of CashCow…

CashCow is a zero brokerage outfit that does not charge brokerage on cash and F&O transactions. Normally, discount brokerage houses do not offer any value added service to clients. Discount brokers in India offer you low brokerage but that comes at the cost of other support services. At CashCow you can get expert advice on equity, futures, options and commodities so that you can trade or invest in a more scientific, organized and intelligent way. There are no extra charges or hidden charges for this expert advice. That means; you actually get this expert advice at absolutely no extra cost.

Expert advice helps you make the right choice…

At CashCow, the philosophy is that just offering zero brokerage is not enough. Trading and investment are, by definition, a complex process. An event like change in Fed rates, or credit policy or the Union Budget or even announcement of reforms can have multiple implications. It is very difficult for any trader or investor to be able to evaluate the impact of all these factors in the right perspective. That is where expert advice comes in handy. Above all, expert advice helps you make the right choice about what to buy and when to buy.

You also need expert advice for your point of exit…

You make profits on your trade or investment not by entering but by exiting. Hence the timing and level of exit becomes very important. The stock you have purchased may have gone up by 30% in 6 months. But you are not sure if it could go up by another 50% in the next 6 months. That is where expert advice comes in handy. The advantage in CashCow is that you can not only get advice in text format but also in the form of audios and videos to make your trading experience more realistic.

How about getting advice when you are stuck in an awkward market?

Expert advice is not just about offering lots of reports and insights. More importantly, the advice has to be customized to you and it must be actionable. That is where CashCow expert advice goes much beyond content and advisory offerings. Markets are volatile and there have been occasions when sectors like IT, Pharma and even PSU banks have seen sharp corrections. That may have left a lot of small and medium investors with a lot of trading and investment losses. The support that CashCow provides in these circumstances is to customise the power of advice to resolve the situation.
CashCow is available for free download on Google Play and the entire software has been kept very light and simple so as to facilitate easy download and also easy navigating even for first time users.